Change the Way you Experience your Daily Commute

At Elettrify, we can ensure your traditional daily commute is conducted in a much more fun, efficient and sustainable way.

Together, we can help tackle this important contributor to air pollution in our cities.

Easiest way to experience commuting
Range up to 80km

The Shared,
the Better

Electric mobility is not a passing trend, it’s a new way of life.

Now more than ever, individual mobility is a significant and necessary  factor in our lives.
Global warming, air pollution and environmental concerns are not just big city issues.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we, as a society, realise the importance of acting proactively to support our global public health and work together to better our world – we have never been more aware of our impact on the planet, both environmentally and socially.

In our own small way, we at Elettrify want to help prevent any further damage to our world caused by global warming.
We all live under the same sky and it is our business  to nurture a lifestyle that does not interfere with the fragile balance of the Earth's ecosystem.

The Mobility Paradigm is Changed

Welcome to the era of consciousness and sustainability

60% of our daily trips are under 0.5 miles so why not put our planet first and make these trips more environmentally friendly and way more fun?!

Vehicle ownership is a big financial  commitment and one that is not always necessary. For instance, in the UK, owning a car can cost you around £5,700 annually, then you have parking, congestion charge, road tax, insurance to think about - why take on this responsibility - financially or environmentally - if you can merely pick up your sustainable transport as and when you need it?   

Our planet is an incredible place with a very fragile ecosystem. It’s our generation’s responsibility to protect this delicate balance by saving Co2 emissions 

Act Now, Thanks Later

Would you like to see shared mobility in your local area?To make a positive change in your neighbourhood, click  below and help to  educate  your local  authority  on the benefits of shareable sustainable transportation and the community’s appetite for change.

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Easy and smooth ride

I tried this for the first time this kind of e-scooter on the Amalfi Coast... it was amazing! The kick scooter is reliable; the ride is smooth, and experiencing one of the hottest destinations in the world is life-changing.

Highly recommended!

Great app, clear, user friendly.

5 seconds to unlock, daily pass available.

Best mean of transport available in town to rent!

Amazing App

I really liked the idea of creating a sharing service of electric scooters on the Amalfi Coast. The app works well and does its job in a timely way!

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