Everything is under control

With our comprehensive ready-to-go solution, you can achieve up to 3X your initial investment in just 6 months

Through the market-leading app technology, you will be able to manage every aspect of the vehicle rental, i.e. unlocking the vehicle, monitoring the remaining range, ending the rental and reporting any malfunctions.
Our standards are exceptionally high with regards to our e-vehicle spec. With this in mind, we have selected the market leaders in terms of reliability, functionality, range, maintenance and aesthetics.

The result? Top of the range e-scooters and e-bikes boast all the latest technology including; the most advanced batteries on the market today.

All the vehicles are operationally comprehensive and are very simply recharged - just as easy as charging your smartphone.
Necessary maintenance to our vehicles is extremely rare. However, should there be a need for repairs, our warranties fully cover any physical or technical damage for the entire duration of the contract.
Management Platform
The Management Platform gives you access to all the analytical data of your Micro- fleet; rentals, rental duration, vehicle status etc;
This chip is the intelligence that connects the vehicle to the application. It communicates all the vehicle data to the application and allows the geo-localization of the vehicle at all times.
Payment Management
Transactions - in all global currencies - are handled by Stripe - the most secure and smart payment system in the market today.

Flexible solutions for every business category

No matter what, you will be covered with a state-of-the-art micro mobility solution and 24/7 assistance

Going out to dinner, shopping for last minute groceries, or indeed, any other small or medium large range of travel are easy and much more fun with an e-vehicle!

Spoil your guests by offering them a premium transportation service for use in the complex or to explore the local sights. With Elettrify you can increase the value of your property by 2% - we help you both maximise your customer experience and add a source of income to your business.

Are you too busy to be stuck in traffic? Is your business in a congested area? Does public transport make it difficult to reach your colleagues/clients? Let Elettrify help you grow into a more efficient and profitable business by getting you where you need to be - and fast!

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